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  1. Welcome to
    Bab Dokalh

    We have always wished to provide a wonderful and distinctive environmental outlet for everyone to enjoy the beauty of Kuwaiti nature, one place that combines nature and its beautiful innate components trees, water, animals and various birds ... and a sincere smile from the heart is a guaranteed mix of happiness.

    Species of rare
    animals and birds







Receive citizens, residents and official guests of the state and create a distinctive environmental outlet for all


Introducing the environment and Natural Resources in Kuwait

Farmers Market

Allocate places for young people and local farmers to market their agricultural products


The establishment of a reserve to keep up with modern international requirements, to be a bright interface for the State in the breeding and care of rare animal and bird species

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    Future Plans

    The Bab Dokalh Reserve intends to expand the Bird Sanctuary project to become the largest bird production reserve in the region. The reserve also intends to establish the largest production center and breeding of animals and birds (Breeding center) containing hundreds of birds and animals from different countries around the world .. Surrounded by trees and landscapes and water

Vegetables of all kinds Flowers and roses produced and planted in Abdali agricultural area
Agricultural seedlings of various kinds
Sidr and local palm
  1. Diplomatic visits

    Bab Dokalh Nature Reserve is a favorite destination for diplomatic missions in Kuwait.

    Media Coverage

    The Bab Dokalh protectorate is widely admired and covered by various media outlets.
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    New expansion

    The new expansion area is approximately 15,000 square meters. A new area with trees, rare plantations, waterways and boats will take you on a nature tour. The expansion also includes a dedicated area for children and their entertainment.

    New challenge

    This year will be a new challenge for us to surprise our visitors with our new and distinctive ideas. Your support for us is indispensable - your support is a key incentive to do better for our valued visitors. Your visit to us will be our honor.